A special place dedicated to all nature lovers / outdoor adventure seekers to share & explore.

Established in year 2000 as a non-profit voluntary nature organisation with the objective to cultivate outdoor adventure seekers to learn & appreciate nature, thereby giving our beautiful yet fragile environment the due respect it deserves. Hence, that simple guiding principles has its special meaning carved onto a name itself – Nature Trekker.

The term “Nature” precedes “Trekker” in our establishment signifies the greater importance of nature appreciation in the group’s main objectives while the latter represents the adventure seekers or outdoor enthusiasts who are nature-lovers.

Nature Trekker has organised numerous outdoor programmes / trips both locally & overseas, with activities spanning from outdoor trekking to nature-related activities (eg. bird-watching, plant appreciation, mangrove study, nature photography, outdoor trekking, island exploration etc).

Our membership-base has grown exponentially, hitting a record of over 10,000 members since Nov. 2015. More are expected to join us, due to kind referrals from existing members who have enjoyed our group’s events & activities.

All the wonderful nature & adventure trips are made possible because of a team of dedicated & experienced volunteer outdoor trainers / guides who, through their love for nature, volunteered their personal time & commitment to this unique non-profit volunteer organisation.

Nature Trekker will continue to strive on its mission & welcome those “nature-hungry individual” or those with a little “adventure-seeker” to come aboard & sign up with this big family that is ready to bring you to more exciting & fascinating trips.

If you are interested in nature trips (eg. bird-watching, plant walk, mangrove study, wildlife watching, etc) or outdoor trips (eg. outdoor trekking, hiking, island exploration, etc) or nature photography (eg, macro photography, bird-photography, landscape photography, night photography, etc), then you are in the right place to join Nature Trekker.

Membership of Nature Trekker is ” Free – Of – Charge “

As a member, our system will automatically place you on our mailing list & you will be kept constantly informed on all the exciting activities organised by Nature Trekker. To those who are interested to join as member, you may refer to our “Membership Application” unit column on our website.

Reporting Centre for Wildlife / Wild Animal Sightings ( Form by Conservation Committee of Nature Trekker )

If you ever encounter a wild animal in Singapore dead or alive (eg. animal that you rarely seen or not sure what it is ) during your own trekking or nature walk in the forest / nature reserve with friends, please feel free to share your sightings with us or contact John at his mobile 9655 6555 and if you have a camera, it would be great to take a picture and post it to nature@starhub.net.sg. Your next course of action would be to fill up a Wild Animal Sighting Forms at  http://naturetrekker.com/wild-animal-sightings-form/  and submit on-line to us.

We would be very interested to find out, analyse and study the specimen / specie to determine the status ( rarity, critically endangered, etc ) of the animal concern in Singapore. We would also get back to you to share the findings of the animal after our research and other analysis study.